Jin matutamtada
Sound artist Composer
Jin Matutamtada is a Thai composer, sound artist and researcher, based in Glasgow.
Announcing soon exhibition in 2021 London Paris Berlin
Fine art works
Seeing in the dark: (KR), 2021 Sound installation
Break up the rally: (TH), 2021 Sound design
Spectre: (TH), 2020 Mixed media installation, Print
Pasir Ris (UK), 2019 Modular synthesis
RT architecture (AM), 2019 Field recoding
A certain illness difficult to name (SG), 2018 Sound design
Tabula rasa: (KR), 2018. Sound design
Electronic music composition: (UK), 2018 Live ambisonic sound
The Garden: (UK), 2018 Sound Installation, Graphic score
Fictitious absence: (UK), 2018 Sound Installation
Trouble in Paradise: (TH), 2017 Sound design
Dialogue in basement : (TH), 2016 Sound installation
Mother: (TH), 2012 Composer
Black space: (TH), 2012 Sound installation
Passing through the night: (IT), 2011 Sound design
Commercially works
เศษ Single World Nopparuj (TH), 2021 Mastering
King power duty free - Summer season (TH), 2021 Audio Atmospheric design
The sweetest smile Single SALAD (TH), 2020 Mastering
The power plug EP One Stop Originator (UK), 2020 Mastering
King power duty free - Winter season (TH), 2020 Audio Atmospheric design
Cyber Blooming Virtual concert Temp. (TH), 2020 Mixing and Mastering
Peace of mind Album JIPI (TH), 2020 Mastering
More soon...
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